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Getting links to your site is a process you that will take time with good content you could become a reference or your content is shared among the social webs. Cross-promotion can also serve you well and exchange links on the same content with other websites to gain backlinks, Posting on relevant forums and websites will also help you gain backlinks but ensure that the content from websites and communities align with your website. Gaining good high-quality backlinks will take time, and you will have to keep adding good content to gain links without having to ask for it and for crawlers to find the links. In SEO it is vital to get backlinks even more so is the unique backlinks so getting 100 backlinks from one site might be nice but getting 100  backlinks from different sites is better for your ranking in search engines. But make sure the backlinks you gain are of the highest quality linking from and too bad websites will hurt your SEO and defiantly make sure that the backlinks are not injected with malware.

Outbound links.

Outbound links help with gaining authority for your page but do not link to low-quality and ad-filled websites that could hurt you. You want to add at least three outbound links per 1000 words in each article more is allowed when you require to refer to resources. When adding links, make sure they open in a new tab if they open in the same window you will get a higher bounce rate since the user will leave your web page.

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