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SEO for Joomla

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Just covering the basics of what SEO is, there are plenty of articles on the internet that will cover this in debt. But to understand what SEO does and means for you some of the basics for you to digest. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, in layman's terms how to optimise your site to be digested by search engines. The better your SEO score is, the higher you will rank among sites that compete for your market share. Running a blog or an online shop, you will end up competing with someone somehow and somewhere. Whether you post ideas, experiences, or you are selling a product, and you want to reach out to the right people.

For those who came across this article searching for more in-depth not regarding SEO for sites not using Joomla. I have found a great beginners guide that covers the basics of SEO for any site. May it be Joomla, WordPress, Wix etc. you can get started by visiting: Essential SEO Beginners Guide. The article also provides some insights on tools that are used for SEO on any website.

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