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Arctic Aurora N7/1H/2He iCue Profile Arctic Aurora N7/1H/2He iCue Profile HOT

The next iteration of the Corsair iCue RGB profile Arctic Aurora using the color spectrum created by Nitrogen(N7), Hydrogen(1H) and Helium(2He) that will emit the colors in the blue, red, green and violet color range. Compatible with all Corsair iCue devices.

  • Commander Pro, Up to 6 peripherals per channel, RGB Strips, HD Fans, SP Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans.
  • Lightning Node Pro, Up to 6 peripherals per channel, RGB Strips, HD Fans, SP Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans.
  • H150i Pro closed liquid cooler.
  • Corsair Strafe RGB Mk2 & Demo K95 RGB.
  • MM800 RGB Polaris mousepad.
  • Demo Glaive RGB.
  • Demo ST100 RGB.
  • Demo Void Pro Wireless.
  • Hydro X Support, All Channels.

All profiles come with a custom silent fan curve for the fans connected to the Commander Pro and the AIO, this custom curve is set for an i7 8086k overclocked to 5.3Ghz so should suffice for any system but you may change this under the performance tab if you so desire.

RGB Sync for ASUS Aura, Razer Synapse, CoolerMaster Master Plus, and Logitech Plus: https://fanman03.ml/?page=dwn

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