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All written content for this site.

A list of writing on various military related subjects, covering strategy, tactics and general feedback.
These white paper are a important source for various military planners around the world.
My work is highly valued for it none-bias and insight and i take the time and effort to write down my view in a easy but clear medium.

As mentioned above military planners from listed below and not exclusively:

Russian Federation Armed Forces.
Israeli Defense Force.

"Tactician’s Authority Gear Set enhances electronics and support capabilities and is especially designed for supportive players."

The Knight Raiders Concept.

Orginal text extracted from: Knight-Raiders_v1a.pdf(zaterdag ‎11 ‎augustus ‎2012, ‏‎23:53:40), Knight-Raiders_v1b.pdf(dinsdag ‎21 ‎augustus ‎2012, ‏‎1:50:50)
Previous URL: http://knightraiders.blogspot.nl/

Here i post a very wide range of articles regarding tech that i use and then optimize, overclock and improve.
Anything from Oc'ing the new Ryzen CPU's, DDR4 RAM to SEO for Joomla and some Photoshop tutorials.
While the above mentioned is to be seen as sample i will add more tutorials/manuals as i progress.

All articles regarding gaming.

Opinions, opinions and then some more opinions when it comes to desktop builds with AMD and Intel CPU's.Stepping away from the fray I would like

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X overclocking guide. After some months I decided to upgrade my 1600 to a 1600X to see if there is a difference