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Rich Snippets.

In 2019 Google made a major update to its search engine algorithms called BERT(Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers)where rich snippets have become more important and also affect voice search. BERT should be seen as an addition to the current SEO, not an overhaul and to rank better, you will have to make use of rich snippets. In short, rich snippets are a structured data mark up that webmasters can add to their website(HTML), so an algorithm like BERT can better understand what the information on each webpage on your site is about and serve this to users in the form of snippets. Rich Snippets work for desktop, mobile, tablet any other device with a basic web browser and will significantly help with your CTR. Joomla currently does not has inbuild support for rich snippets, but there is a great extension called Google Structured Data there is a free and paid version of this extension. This extension will add the schema.org markup to our articles and allows for integration with most 3rd party extensions like K2, SP Page Builder, and Virtuemart. Google Structured Data will also enhance your website overall by adding your site name and logo, our search box, social profile links, bread crumbs, and local business listing. But Google is not the only search engine that uses structured data other search engines like Bing and Yahoo will also be able to use the structured data that is even better it does not slow down your site one bit. In short, the BERT update is the biggest in 5 years for SEO, and you defiantly want to make good use of it you might even notice a decrease in traffic since other sites started to rank higher. Below is an example of a search query where an article from hisevilness.com is used as a rich snippet result.

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