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Structured Data and Rich Snippets.

These tools are specific to Google as they involve the schema.org and AMP. While other search engines make use of these features and any mobile device can make use of AMP. These tools are to test and verify your structured data as well as AMP conical pages. This is very important as errors may result in delisting from search results ensure if you use structured data that you maintain the outlying rules set by Google as you may be penalized if caught.

  • Rich Result Test: Rich Results Test – Google Search Console
    This tool will perform a test of the submitted URL and see if it supports rich results and if so what rich result features where implemented.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool: Structured Data Testing Tool
    Check the structured data markup of your submitted page. What structured data features are used and if any errors or warning occur.
  • AMP Test: AMP Test – Google Search Console
    est for AMP to verify if your page AMP markup is valid and shows any errors or warnings if they occur.

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