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Intel overclocking flow
Intel overclocking flow

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Intel Overclocking Terminology FAQ.

The Basics.

This FAQ will answer the most common questions when overclocking Intel CPUs. This will cover Intel-based CPU's over about a decade. For the most part, the same as with the AMD overclocking FAQ but naming convections might be different as well as a difference in the feature set you can find in the BIOS.

What is a VRM?

VRM stands for Voltage Regulator Module and is located close to the CPU socket to provide a reliable and clean power supply. The VRM regulates the power from the PSU. In overclocking you modify BIOS settings to instruct the VRM for increased performance at the expense of increased heat output. Motherboards for overclocking come with a high-quality VRM that uses better components. But a VRM always consists of MOSFET's, Chokes, Capacitors, and a PWM Controller. The IC(Integrated Circuit)is there to control and regulate those components.

What is CPU Power Management Control?

These are Power settings that can be set through the BIOS and might different per motherboard vendor.

What is Internal CPU Power Management Control?

Power settings for the CPU with the standard set by Intel and depending on your motherboard quality may be adjusted to higher settings at the expense of increased power consumption and heat.

What is Digi+ Power Control?

ASUS centric naming convention for a set of VRM controllers for overclocking PC components through software and BIOS.

What is DigitALL Power?

The VRM controllers options found in the motherboards of MSI.

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