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Getting Started with overclocking the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers and other drivers for your current setup. Using outdated drivers may cause instabilities not related to your overclocking. In this guide, a preset 3600C15 XMP profile was used @ 1.25v of 16GB. Consider running a synthetic benchmark with stock settings to measure your gains as well as in this case, ensuring the stock CPU and memory that is running XMP is fully stable. When using a complete new DDR4 kit, this is not advised, and it is recommended that you overclock your CPU first and then overclock the DDR4 RAM kit of your choosing. As well as if you intend to do any gaming have a baseline of FPS so you can see the increase in performance.

You also want to download the following programs for stress testing your overclock. These are a vital tool for stress testing and monitoring if you already have tools you can use those but these programs I highly recommend and were used while writing this overclocking guide and many other overclocking guides on hisevilness.com.

 BIOS motherboard check.

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