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A list of reference sites for various military strategy/tactics and white paper studies.
When writing a article verifying sources is at least done with 2 reference sites or knowledge data bases.
Preference is towards even more then 2 but in order to verify data 2 separate sources will suffice.
For now the sites are not listed in a particular order but serve as a log and reference for readers.


A stable source of information and a great way to find more links regarding a topic in the reference list.
Sometimes articles are being modified as a form of "trolling" but this is rare but something to take note of.

Global Security:

A site dedicated to military, security, space and intelligence with a wide variety of articles.
You can find most information regarding a security/military topic here.
If you can not find it on this site you will have a hard time finding it on the web at all.

Global Firepower:

A comprehensive statistical analyses regarding military power with a wide variety of parameters.
Compare manpower, oil production, labor force, annual defense budget, external Debt and much more.

IHS Jane's:

A wide range of interest Defense and Security related articles.

Military Factory:

Database of past, present and future military hardware.
Including, Air, Sear, Land and Special Forces of all nations.

Air Power Australia:

A wide range of white papers written by defense analyst for the most part Air Force related.
Technical data and analyses of air power, air defense with some other branches of the Armed Forces.

These are just a handful but important website, more sites will be added in the future.
They provide a excellent source of information and cross reference.

Paul Ripmeester

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