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As mentioned on my introduction page I have a wide range of interest but thought the years I managed to shine mainly in the field of military tactics and strategy. Throughout the years I contributed greatly to the worldwide effort in counter-terrorism.
While also being able to contribute to regular military operations in devising a solution for a wide range of problems I specialized in small units and guerilla tactics. In today's world where large-scale conflicts are for the most part just banter of various politicians, the terrorist threat is real. With the rise of ISIS, El-Qaida branches and a wide range of other groups engaging in disruptive violent actions(*cough* democrats *cough*). Because of the rise of these various groups and failed interventions the world has been destabilized to a greater extent, especially the last decade. While this can not be entirely contributed to terrorist groups as politics has lead to failed interventions that have caused great harm and the breeding ground for terrorism to spread. We now see the world increasingly violent and hostile towards everyone and anything.

The solution as it stands will be for the most part to contain the spread while preventing interventions that have been one of the causes. Merely killing terrorist will not solve the problem either there for a wider part of the solution should involve deradicalization, education, and stabilization of country's, especially the middle east. As easy as it may sound it will be much harder than one thing it will involve world leaders some who are incapable of seeing a wider strategy. The same attitude has to lead to those failed interventions under false pretenses where other countries are a mere sandbox for political careers.

Politics aside I am siding with no political party of ideology in general as I have little to no interest in politics. Of course other then the influence it would have on solutions I am working on in terms of strategy or tactics I have no desire to hold office.
Politics is really not in the slightest interesting for me since logic is absent while I could use my strategy and tactics and be successful. It is, for the most part, an utter waste of time being in the same room for a prolonged period of time with adults behaving like spoiled children. When for some reason I should need to be labeled it would not be as a liberal, progressive, none-interventionist etc the label tactician would suffice.

My work and experience in the field, testing phase, and active deployment. Forgive my sometimes "colorful" tagging of certain projects, this is for the larger part pun intended versus the haters and copy-cats. It is, unfortunately, part of success where certain people will attempt to either copy, sabotage or attempt to do both. Below is a small sample list of my contribution.

Physical work:

Laser GPS/Range Finder.
UV Targeting, Detection, and Tracking.
R.A.M. & Longbow.
Digital Camouflage, Project Ghost.

Tactics & Strategie:

Short Corner Long Corner.
Alpha Strike.
High Altitude Insertion Opening.
Long Range Desert Patrol.
C/CB Battery a.k.a. Artillery Jaegers.
HCB/HCC & HCT Command Structure.
Mixed Battalions.

Upcoming Projects.

Hellcat MGS series.
666 series derived from project S.T.R.E.S.S.

Paul Ripmeester

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