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As mentioned on my introduction page I have a wide range of interests but thought the years I managed to shine mainly in the field of military tactics and strategy. Throughout the years I contributed greatly to the worldwide effort in counter-terrorism.
While also being able to contribute to regular military operations in devising a solution for a wide range of problems I specialized in small units and guerilla tactics.

My work and experience in the field, testing phase, and active deployment. Forgive my sometimes "colourful" tagging of certain projects, this is for the larger part pun intended versus the haters and copy-cats. It is, unfortunately, part of success where certain people will attempt to either copy, sabotage or attempt to do both. Below is a small sample list of my contributions.

Physical work:

  • Laser GPS/Range Finder.
  • V-Carbide.
  • UV Targeting, Detection, and Tracking.
  • E.M.F.S.
  • R.A.M. & Longbow.
  • Digital Camouflage, Project Ghost.

Tactics & Strategie:

  • Short Corner Long Corner.
  • Alpha Strike.
  • High Altitude Insertion Opening.
  • Long Range Desert Patrol.
  • C/CB Battery a.k.a. Artillery Jaegers.
  • HCB/HCC & HCT Command Structure.
  • Mixed Battalions/Shock Battalions.

Upcoming Projects.

  • Hellcat MGS series.
  • 666 series derived from project S.T.R.E.S.S.


People talking about, referring or using my work as well as referring to family members fighting and sacrificing their lives in WWII. 


Paul Ripmeester

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