Welcome to the spear documentation.



When looking for a good template it was hard to find a good template for the Joomla 3.X series, using a basic template from day one.
Doing some more research I discovered that while being away from Joomla and running my own website a lot has changed.
Yes, I could have bought a template but not matter what there were several warnings about templates as a whole.
After some time I thought it was time to get it over with and make my own template as I did before while running darkdesign.eu.

After doing some research I decided to go ahead with modifying protostar to my own taste and specifications.
The design concept for this template is Spear, as in to be the tip of the spear of custom templates for Joomla.
Spear is designed to be responsive fast loading template also taking SEO optimization into consideration using protostar as the foundation.
A project that will be used on this site and hopefully on many more sites to come in the future.
Spear will feature selectable CSS templates from the backend as the one your viewing now, google fonts for the entire site and more.
For the CSS templates, I have different flavors in mind like you have in in the Beez3 template for Joomla.
A Spear dark and Spear bright version, your are looking at the bright version now, a version for journalist/bloggers.
Then I had in mind a version with large big fonts for older and vision impaired people and finally a custom CSS for those advanced users.
Furthermore, I want to implement the Google fonts API into the backend that will allow end users to load custom fonts for the entire site,
without doing any CSS editing what so ever on the end users part.

Taking into consideration the amount of work it will take to build, modify and tweak a large amount of code and perform tests.
It will take a while before I finish or even feel comfortable to release the 1.0 version to the wider public.
There will be documentation for Spear as you know and I want to see what else can be done in providing for the Spear template.
I envision Spear to be among one of the go-to templates for new and current users, competing even with the premium templates.

If you have any questions, feedback or want to contribute please contact me, before doing so, read the Spear documentation first.

Paul Ripmeester