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How to set up a Virpil VPC WarBRD base and Constellation Delta grip.

New Virpil Software Released use this link for an updated version:How to set up a Virpil VPC WarBRD Base and Constellation Delta Grip in Lite Mode

Recently I obtained a high-end joystick since I was tired of the plastics on failing on me. While this does not warrant the price tag it does when you combine the tweaking/assigning buttons. It does tend to take up time as well as you have to "learn" how to fly with every new stick you use. You can find the Virpil product line up here: https://virpil.com/ remember to check the correct geolocation. For my use, I opted for a joystick that could be placed on top of my desk, just easier and less hassle.
You could opt-in for a full setup with the throttle or dual stick as well, adding more to the price tag, however. There are also parts that allow for special mounts on your desk for a dual-stick or stick and throttle. WarBRD is an on top of the desk setup while the Mongoose T-50 is for speciality mount attached to your desk.


When your package arrives you will notice bubble wrap and other packing materials. You will have some spare parts like cams and springs, I use mine stock without changing anything. What you will need is a CR-V #10 bit remember to have one on hands.

Next up is attaching the base to the Constellation Delta grip, there is a connection male plug in the grip. Gently pull it out a bit so you have enough slack to attach it to the female connector in the WarBRD base. Then align the grip with the base so it is centred and use the knob on the base to screw it in place. Remember when taking off the grip to gently remove the connection cable. The next part is attaching the base plate to the WarBRD base, there are 4 screws in one of the bags. Take the CR-V # 10 bit and align the screw holes and put each screw in, do not screw them in 1 by 1. Screw them in halfway down and then start on 1 corner, any corner you like and screw it down. Then do the same with the opposite screw so the plate aligns correctly and the screw will fit in the flush. Now tighten them all down to the base plate is firmly attached but do not exert too much force. You will also find some M3 rubber pads in the box place them on the bottom of the base plate. This concludes the assembly part, do a quick visual check if the Constellation Delta grip is correctly aligned.

Software Setup, Firmware update, and Calibration.

Plugin the USB in your PC any 2.0 or 3.0 USB connection will do but use 2.0 as it frees up 3.0 connections for storage devices. Head over to the Virpil website, or use this link https://virpil-controls.eu/downloads/software.html to obtain the software.
At the time of writing this article, there is only one software item linked, the VPC Configurator Software. Unpack this in a folder on your desktop or other location you desire and run the VPC_JOY_SETUP.exe. Head to the firmware section by click on the firmware button on your left-hand side. Ensure you enter the correct firmware path, there is one file to look for a *.hexc file but it should be the only file listed. Now click "Open firmware update mode", double-check the firmware file path, then click "Start firmware update". The right-hand side of the above buttons will see the software writing the firmware update and a final note it is complete. Now click "Close firmware update" this will conclude the firmware update, below is an image for reference.

Firmware update

Next step would be to calibrate the axis of your joystick, remember you have several axes to configure. DO NOT use the windows calibration tool as it may mess up your firmware files with faulty data. Head over to the Axis section of the VPC software, you will see a button bottom right "CALIBRATE AXES".

You will see several sliders moving widely, start out by gently moving the stick all the way up and then down. And then leave the stick centred by not touching it, this will align the Y axis for your stick. Repeat the process as well by moving the stick gently all the way left and right and leave it alone centred. Now your Y, X and Z slider stop moving violently, also do this for the twist Z axis to ensure alignment.

The rY and rX are the Analogue stick mounted behind the trigger on the face of the stick. Repeat the same process for the rY and rX axis by moving them gently all the way up/down/left/right. Let go of the analogue stick for it to find it's centre this will conclude the calibration process.

As you may notice the sliders do not perfectly align with the "centre" of the slider bar. This is the centre relative to the mechanical parts/sensors within your Constellation Delta grip. Click "Set centre and Save to profile" you will notice the green indicator top left going yellow. In order to save the settings, you need to click "STEP 3: SAVE DEVICE PROFILE" located in the centre. It will write and save the files and reboot your stick so the correct settings are in sync with a green "Sync". There are many more options but those are for more advanced use, after this setup you will be able to use the stick. Remember to make make a back up before touching any other settings in the VPC Configurator Software. In the case of "bricking" the stick simply download the VPC Configurator Software or unzip from the previous download.

Unplug your USB connection and plug it back in and repeat the firmware update portion. Also, load the default profile by clicking "IMPORT PROFILE FROM FILE" located bottom left of the software. Load the default profile "VPC WarBRD + Delta [PCBvLite].cnfLITE" matching your grip. Then redo the Axes alignment calibration as described above to reset and "unbrick" your joystick.

Ingame use.

Now you will have to assign the buttons in your game, there will be a default setup. But this will be almost certainly nowhere complete or up to your taste. Remember you have a myriad of options be sure to assign buttons logical for you.
And make a back up of your config file for each game so you will most likely never have to redo this. Below is an image of all button with the numbers you can find in the VPC software as well.
Virpil WarBRD Constellation Delta
This concludes this short tutorial on how to set up your Virpil WarBRD base and Constellation Delta grip.

New Virpil Software Release use this link for an updated version:How to set up a Virpil VPC WarBRD Base and Constellation Delta Grip in Lite Mode

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