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In 2012 I was asked what I would do with my money and titles.

While at the time I was simply looking to invest as a businessman I recalled I moment where I was looking at today's terrorism threats,

But I starting thinking bigger taking into account some doodling I did way back in my "hacker" period.


You see the news and world events like every person who has a television, internet and other comforts of life and then you see, although blunted how crap life can be if someone blows up the local marketplace.

How fractured it all really is and that conventional methods and politics seem to make everything worse.

A terrorist cell/origination would rise, fall and then something far worse comes in its place.

Almost like an amateur cancer treatment where you keep getting sicker and sicker, in the end, ending up worse than where you started.


So with ample money and titles to boot that allows me to raise a professional army.

I started pondering on what I COULD do and started to work on a concept.

Working on a concept for a global counter-terrorism force, free of political nonsense.

Having a royal annual budget also allows remaining free from public spending budgets thus removing the political involvement altogether.

Let's face it war does not have a timetable that fits in a 4/5 year term, pushing for results to benefit election/re-election, it only get's in the way being able to do the job.

Fight battles on your own terms not set by criteria "I vote mooch this and that blah blah"

A terrorist is in no way obliged to roll over and die within said term, nor is he/she a complete idiot and will try to take advantage of public opinion, budget spending and time frames.

It would, however, require a CoC that involves solid regulations to prevent abuse and corruption.

A legal framework that allows for the rules to be enforced and uphold to the highest standards.


Now begin 2016 the idea has been, to put it mildly widely raped and everyone seems to be Paul.

So I thought it was time to blog some of my original ideas's on the internet for a wider audience.

Showing the concept and some basic study's with the limited resources I have due to "pretending", politics and other related nonsense.


In time I will release parts of the concept and some of the ideas's around this Division.

Sometimes I can not disclose everything due to intellectual property rights, some attempts have been made to steal my idea's the concept of this Division included.