Welcome my website!

Here you can find some more information about me Paul Ripmeester in a central place.
When time progresses I will add more content and more information regarding everything me.
Please bare with me while I gather all relevant information and add this to my website.

I have obtained several domain names covering my real name, nickname and a big project I've been working on.
The domains paulripmeester.comknightraiders.org point towards hisevilness.com.
Still working on a format to compose information on a site and not spreading out information over several sites.
When the time is right I will use said domains separately and maybe add more if needed.

Since I have a wide range of interests there will be a wide range of information in various sections of my website.
And the projects that I work or have worked on, , etc.
There is also a section with my contributions to Armed Forces worldwide with various Defense & Strategy White Papers.

A section dedicated to my online adventures in a range of games can be found here: Gaming.
Throughout the years I was forced to change from account/character name from time to time.
Comprehensive list of various account names and character names can be found in the gaming section.

There is a download section where I have various PhotoShop patterns, brushes, textures and artwork.
I will provide mirror links on both this side and DeviantArt but make sure to adhere to the Creative Commons license.

To prevent confusion a central place for my accounts/social media and work is located here as well.
Links to social media platforms Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Steam, DeviantArt, Player.me, and Gab.ai.
On PC and Laptop links are located on the top left of the site for easy access.

Without further a due I will leave you to your own devices exploring my website.
I have a wide scope of interests and I will continue to add more content as time progresses.

Enjoy your stay,
Paul Ripmeester